NIghtly 2249 doesn't play d'al segno al fine correctly

• Oct 24, 2009 - 21:42
S4 - Minor

I have a score with this, I have a Segno, then a Fine sign, and then some measures later the D.S al Fine sign. When I play it back in MuseScore, the player just stops at the measure with the D.S al fine sign, even if I position the sign on the very last measure, or one measure before. So, when I export it as .mid, it also doesn't play the score accordingly.

Coudl you guys fix this in a Nightly? thanks!


here it is. dang I thought this would happen for everyone
If I attached the file but unticked the list button, do only the mods get to see it?

are you able to get the uploaded score? I unticked the list button. I thought that this way, only mods can see it. Is that correct?

Unlisting the attachment is useful when you use the direct link in the message already. There is no way to show your score to certain people only.