Lines and text spontaneously losing positional adjustments

• Mar 11, 2021 - 19:14

Multiple times now, scores in which I have manually adjusted the position of lines or text spontaneously revert them to their automatic placement. I have tried multiple times to replicate this, and it seems to happen most commonly when a measure is shifted across a system break because of some change to a previous part of the score, but not always. It has also occurred upon reopening a score after restarting Musescore, but again, it seems almost random and there is no way I have found to consistently replicate it. This isn't a software-breaking bug but it certainly is tedious to fix when it happens, as it seems to affect everything I have adjusted at once.
I don't recall exactly when the first occurrence of this was, but I can say for sure that it was before 3.6.


Definitely believable that adjustments would be lost if a measure changes systems, because we store the adjustments for lines per system so a line continued across multiple systems can have each segment with a different adjustment. To some extent that's unavoidable - an adjustment made to the second segment of a line that continues from measures 99 to 100 won't necessarily still make sense if the layout changes and both measures are now on the previous system. But it's certainly possible some corner cases exist where adjustments are lost even though in theory they could have been preserved. if you ever find a reproducible case of this, let us know with sample score and steps.

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