Ability to select multiple measures and then change the bar measure (within bar properties) across the multiple measures.

• Mar 16, 2021 - 17:14
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The attached .mscz file shows a typical score which has resulted from using a .pdf converter to produce an .xml file which was then imported to musescore. There are a number of errors that will need to be manually corrected, but in particular several of the measures have an incorrect bar duration. Correcting these individually is time consuming involving a lot of keystrokes.

It would be helpful if Musescore would allow me to select multiple non-contiguous measures and then allow me to change the bar duration for the multiple measures in one action.

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I would encourage you to post this score back in the forum thread and explain in more detail how you see the proposed feature helping. Also attach the original PDF so we can understand the desired result better. To me, it seems arbitrarily normalizing all measure lengths makes the job harder, not easier. For one thing, you then lose the easy record of which measures need work. For another, you lose all control over which notes get deleted in the too-long measures, and over where the beats get added in the too-short measures. The result is that instead of ismply deleting the extra notes and inserting the missing ones, you have a much longer process of finding the adjusted measures, finding all the notes that are on the wrong beats and moving them, plus re-adding the beats that were incorrectly deleted. It seems to me this would take 2-3 times as long.

Not that the feature couldn't be implemented anyhow, but my guess is you are missing out on the easier ways to get the job done currently, and we'd definitely like to help.

Try deleting the time signature in the first measure. This will force a rewrite of the score, making all measures equal duration. Then, if you want, you can add the time signature back in.

Yes, that's another approach, it keeps all the existing notes and rests but redistributes them through the measures. So depending on the specific errors, this could be better. Or not :-)

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You're absolutely right that applying a bar measure correction to every incorrect measure at the same time throughout a score would be very confusing, but in practice this isn't how I would use the facility. I tend to do a line by line comparison with the original .pdf correcting the musescore .mscz as necessary. So I would tend to only select multiple measures in a line for correction.

This will still be a lot faster than correcting each measure individually as correcting a bar measure requires quite a number of keystrokes and mouse moves: eg. select measure, right click properties, move to actual and enter a number, and if necessary move to dropdown box, select correct figure and enter. Unless of course there's a better way of doing this?

As I was suggesting earlier, really I wouldn't envision ever touching bar properties, I'd simply add or delete the necessary notes directly.

Again, for further discussion, please use the forum, and explain more detail your intended use. Chances are good we'll be able to show you much more efficient ways, such as what I am describing. but if there is something we are missing, that would be a good opportunity to help us see. And to get other users to give support to the idea, and perhaps refine it furthe.r It will be much more productive to have that discussion in the forum.

Well, it's still a valid request, it's just still not clear if there are any real world use cases where this will actually help more than the suggestions I gave already. No harm leaving it open to see if someone manages to come up with one.