Navigator freeze/slow down on Linux

• Mar 21, 2021 - 14:20

When I activate the Navigator panel on Linux KUbuntu 20.04 Musescore freeze until the score is displayed. Same problem when I open Page settings.
I use the 3.6.2 portable app


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I open a score, Activate the Navigator from the View Menu and Musescore freeze until the score is displayed in the navigator. If I try to scroll the score with the navigator there's the same problem. No problem scrolling within the score itself

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If it happens with all the scores you've tried, then it should be easy to select one to attach.

it happens with none of mine, though, which is why we really need to understand what might be unique about either your scores or your system. Since we can't easily check out your system, we would need to start the investigation by checking out one of your scores.

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I have loaded your score in the 3.6.2 AppImage on my system. What specific steps should I take to see a problem? I tried going to View / Navigator than just sort of randomly trying some things, but couldn't see a problem. Could be there is some sort of conflict with a graphics or other driver on your particular system, though.

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Not particular steps, simply:
- start musescore
- open the file
- click on "View -> Navigator" (I suppose, since I use italian translation)
Menu remains selected some seconds until Navigator appears
Same problem if I click on "Format -> Page settings" (I suppose). The Dialog freeze for some seconds. It freezes also when in the same dialog I try to change the dimension of the elements.

It freezes every time that Musescore renders the navigator or I interact with it.
I tried also to delet the directory ".config/MuseScore" but the problem remains. Launching Musescore from a terminal doesn't get any error.

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Sounds like a conflict with a graphics driver on your system. Is the hardware unusually old? OpenGL support is a requirement of MuseScore, sometimes things work but poorly if your device doesn't support this well.

There is an environment variable QT_OPENGL you can try setting, values to consider include "desktop", "software", or "angle".

Hello! My firts post...
I have exactly the same issue. Musescore runs perfectly, is very reactive and offers a smooth workflow BUT freezes and turns the fans crazy when I try to use the navigator and the "page setting" window. I don't know what to do.
Similar configuration:
Portable app (Appimage) 3.6.2, Ubuntu Studio, recent laptop with hidpi.
I join the score I'm working on, but I tried to reproduce the problem with other scores and it happens with others too.

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Seems to be an issue that certain graphics drivers have, an incompatibility with the graphics libraries MuseScore uses apparently. There may possible be workarounds involving setting environment variables or other tweaks. But I'd recommend simply not bothering with the navigator. For most operations, simply scrolling with the mouse wheel or touch gesture is more efficient, or when you want a visual indication of where you are moving, the Timeline is more informative.

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