Problem with triplets

• Mar 24, 2021 - 05:06

Being quite inexperienced with Musiscore, I've spent quite a bit of time trying to format a bar in C time in the following fashion. Please excuse the English word-use

The pattern of the bar

1st beat: dotted quaver rest - semiquaver (lead-in)
2nd beat: triplet quavers
3rd beat quaver - semiquaver rest - semiquaver
4th beat: triplet quavers

At the moment, the semiquaver (at the end of the first beat) joins the beam of the following triplets and I can't seem to separate that lead-in semiquaver in the accepted fashion. The values are correct but makes for messy reading.
If anyone could help me I'd be most grateful


By default in 4/4 or common (C) time, this should work correctly - each beat beamed individually. But in cut time, it's true eighths will normally be beamed to sixteenths here. Here not sure why, the time signature properties indicate they shouldn't be. So you'll have to override it using the Beam Properties palette.

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