Endless BrightPiano SoundFont listed in Mixer

• Oct 24, 2009 - 22:15
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S4 - Minor

This happens to me on a SATB score under Nightly 2249. I have no soundfont installed except for what MuseScore Nightly has as default.
Is there a fix for this or do I really have to install a soundfont? I just want the piano soundfont working correctly and not switching to gunshots, thats all........

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Maybe I'm not getting something, but why is it that if I only want the piano soundfont in MuseScore, I have all the other 100 BrightPiano buttons? does everyone who downloads MuseScore need to install that soundfont? I just want the piano sound, that more than enough for me.

If you try version 0.9.4 you will discover that only the top staff plays back in a multi-instrument score. To work around this problem I add a reference to the piano for each of the 128 sound in General MIDI. For more details see and background see: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/1463

If you are willing to type out the names for all 128 instruments I'm happy to help you along. Otherwise I'll probably mark this as "won't fix".

I guess putting the name of the MIDI instrument only is not very good no?
Maybe we can put the midi program number and Piano ?
like "1 - Piano"

Or the name of the instrument and (Piano)? Because the sound will remain the piano sound. It's just if you export to MIDI and play with another MIDI player, you will hear the actual selected sound.

guys, I don't know, it just looks confusing....
regarding time, if I wouldn't be in an exam period, I would try to help....
At least I'm doing some bug reporting for this