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• Mar 29, 2021 - 00:15

Referring to the attached image. I have added what I'm calling a "Lower-Half Mordent". I've placed it into my custom "Lowrey" pallet. But it doesn't show in the pallet unless I scale it to 0.40 in the properties, and then it's only a dot. I've been looking for "image size requirements", found nothing. The image size is 25x31.

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Would this work:
Lower-Half Mordent.png

Composed as a staff text containing 2 items from the Symbols palette:

Whould have the advantage vs. an images that it'd scale along with the score and follow the Musical (Text) Font setting you're using

I know I answered this elsewhere as well, but for the record: the reason you aren't seeing it in the palette is almost certainly that you had applied to an offset to the symbol before adding it to the palette, and the palette is trying to show the same offset, moving it out of the box. Solution is to add it to the palette before adding an offset.

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I think this is deliberate because some symbols would otherwise appear off-center based on how they are positioned normally, but indeed, it's not always ideal. On the other hand, offsets in the palette often don't get applied when actually adding the symbol to the score, which is also arguably a bug or arguably not. Sometimes it's what you want, other times not. Probably there should be options within each palette to control this.

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In my opinion, this is clearly a regression. There have already been some posts similar to this one, and I'm not sure if a bug report was filed in the Issue Tracker.
In all versions 2, and part of version 3 (?, I'm not sure when it started to go wrong), but adding a symbol to a palette with Ctlr + Shift + drag has never caused a problem like this (i.e. a symbol "disappears" somewhere in the palette, and the user - including myself the first time I've had to go through this! - has no way of understanding what can happen)
This action must succeed every time, the added symbol must be visible, otherwise it is felt as an issue, and it is an issue.

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Well, see my comment above - there are times when the offset is useful to display things well. Consider, for example, if the graphic you are trying to place has white space around it - you'd need it offset so the visible portion is within the cell. But probably it would be better to get that effect from the palette properties, not by preserving the element properties. Feel free to file an issue so it can be considered!

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