Start Dictation

• Apr 8, 2021 - 01:18

Hello! Under the edit bar in muse score, it says start dictation. I click this the microphone pops up and hears my voice and then nothing happens. How do I get the microphone to dictate what I am singing as notes onto the sheet music?
let me know if Im doing anything wrong this simplifies the process for me as I just sing what I want in each voice part rather than having to think about chords and progression.


I'll add to that: MuseScore has no such command, it must be a macOS thing that Apple inserts into program menus whether they actually support it or not. I guess some programs might use it as an alternate form of text input, and maybe it would work for that in MuseScore also, but definitely there is no featurewhere you can sing notes into MuseScore.

But to be clear: if you can sing the part without thinking about chords and progression, you can just as surely type it in or click it in or play it on a MIDI keyboard etc. You do, however, have to think about rhythm.

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