Mulitple parts

• Apr 14, 2021 - 09:57

Classical compositions usually consist of multiple parts.
How can I start a new part with space for title, tempo indication, key etc. in the same file?

The first part ends on a page that is only half filled and has a lot a space between the line. How to set the space as on the other pages?


The secodn part can start right after the first (I mean, after adding the section break & vertical frame as described above), so don't worry about the extra space. But if you choose to start the next part on another page, you will probably want to decide where else to put system or page breaks to get the pages to even out better.

Thanks. I now have the attached format. I see a section break above the last bar of section 1 and directly after that the new key. That is supposed to be part of section 2 of course.

How can I size and position the frames for section II and the tempo text?

Every last bar on a staff has this end of section sign. Is that OK?

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