Why does the "Pan" slider bar seem to change the volume instead of the left/right positioning?

• Apr 16, 2021 - 05:35

The documentation page says "The dial below the mute button controls panning left and right." for the dial-like control, and "The panning applied to the part." for the "Pan" slider bar above. But changing the "Pan" value does not seem to move the sound the left or to the right. At least on my computer, it seems to change the volume. "0" is the loudest, and "127" is the quietest. Did I do something incorrectly?


All the pan control controls work fine for me using the piano sound in the default soundfont, which I believe is set explicitly set to mono precisely for this reason. if you're using a soundfont where the sounds themselves are set to stereo, I think the pan can't work normally.

Could also be your right speaker is defective. so panning all the way to that side sounds soft.

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Well, what do you know, it was the right speaker's issue. I played a left/right test audio, and no sound was coming from the right. I checked the 3.5mm audio jack connection to the audio port of the PC's mainboard, and it did not seem loose. But to make it sure, I pushed it hard (it did not seem to move, so I do not think it was loose), and twisted it a little bit. That, of course, generated the annoying analogue static noise. After that, I tested the audio again, and the left/right worked correctly. Thanks for the tip.

For this kind of unreliability and the static noise, I had thought of using a digital speaker (taking digital input, instead of the 3.5mm jack, but digital speakers seem too expensive for me and rare.

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