One instrument doesn't play.

• Apr 16, 2021 - 23:26

I finished composing my last piece and when I exported it to mp3 I realized that an instrument of the song (in this case, a Saw Wave) wasn't playing. I haven't got any soundfonts installed, I even re-installed and reverted to factory settings, but it just doesn't work. In fact, I tried in two different computers, but the problem doesn't solve. Also, I can hear the Saw Wave on the playback but only if I click on it first. What can I do to solve it?

The musescore file is attached at the bottom, if you need to check it. I can't post the mp3, sorry.

Thanks in advance.

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If seems you've added the instrument as a piano, but changed the sound to saw wave, and you've used the "exopr" version, which is designed for instruments that support single note dynamics, but piano by default does not. Try enable the option for single note dynamis in staff/part properties for that instrument, or change to the non-expr version of the sound if you don't actually use single note dynamics (eg, crescendo within a single note).

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