Play Notes When Editing doesn't work when MIDI keyboard connected - need help

• Apr 17, 2021 - 09:00

I just started using a MIDI keyboard for note entry, an Alesis Vmini.
Entering notes is working fine, but Play Notes When Editing has stopped working, and also doesn't work with computer keyboard entry while the MIDI keyboard is connected, nor does it play a note when I click on one.
It does play when I hit playback.
The option for Play Notes When Editing is selected in MuseScore Preferences -> Note Input. I've tried toggling this off and on, no effect.
Is there something I need to set appropriately in PortAudio? Or in the Mac OS Audio MIDI Setup app?
The MIDI keyboard is connected via USB.
And my computer audio I/O is via a Behringer UMC204HD USB audio interface.


Is the device selected for output in Edit / Preferences / I/O? Are you expecting to hear the sound through your keyboard or through MuseScore?

I guess it could be a matter of MuseScore attempting to single note dynamics when your device doesn't support them, or vice versa. So you could also try changing the settings in View / Synthesizer / Dynamics.

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Thanks Marc. I did have the MIDI output set incorrectly. I had it set to go to the Alesis Vmini, which is just a MIDI controller, i.e. it's not a synth / output device. Now I've set it to the blank option, which seems to mean it just uses MuseScore's built-in synth. All good now.

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