Exported MIDI empty sound gaps per notes

• Apr 18, 2021 - 09:20

Hi Team!

I've been struggling how to disable empty sound gaps per notes when exporting it into MIDI file. When I play the MIDI file, notes are not fully playing and it triggers a small empty sound gap. When I checked it manually on Audacity, there are small empty sound waves between notes even if I didn't input any rests. Do we have a feature or effect to turn this off?

I want my melody to play its notes completely because it sounds awful when there are small empty sound gaps after each note. Can y'all help me with this?


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By using the Piano Roll Editor, or by using an instrument that doesn't use that 95% gate time (all Pianos, Flute and Traverso do, the others don't)

It is this part of the instruments' definition in instrument.xml (and in the mscx inside your mscz too) that causes this:


3rd option would be do edit yolut mscx file so change that 95 to 100

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