treble and bass notes note aligned

• Apr 22, 2021 - 22:37

Screenshot attached. Not sure why the treble and bass notes aren't aligning. This would be really confusing for my students.


As mentioned, don't bother attaching a screenshot, that won't really help - you need to attach the score itself. Click "Choose a file" below where you type your comment, browse to where the file is located, and click "Open" - that should do it.

As it is, I can only guess it might be one of the following:

1) the treble and bass notes might not be on the same system - like instead of this being one system of two staves, it's just one staff continued across two systems, in which case nothing would ever be expected to align


2) the notes might not be on the same beat


3) one of the notes might have been moved from its default position, either by dragging, using the Inspector, or using the cursor keys in Edit mode


4) there might be multiple involved within one of the staves and one of the notes is offset to avoid a collision with another note on the same beat on the same staff

I'm trying to attach the file now. This is an example. One thing I noticed about this issue is that it only seems to happen when I increase the scale (for example to 150%), something I like to do when I'm creating material for my younger students.

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Could be some enlarged rounding difference then, rather than being recalculated; which explains the difference between "scaling" a staff and using a bigger value for sp. The first uses 100% calculations and then scales them up, the other just calculates at the larger size and thus more accurately.

Flip the stems on one of those staffs and you'll see the alignment "fix" itself.

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Indeed, this is a known issue - see #284783: Increasing staff size results in notes of different voices to not align anymore.

As mentioned, the scaling in staff properties is not the correct place to make your score larger - it is designed specifically for creating different-sized staves in the same score. If you just want the whole score bigger, don't mess with individual staff properties, so this globally in Format / Page Settings. Not only does it actually work better in this respec,t it also correctly handles a number of things that on't get handled by staff scaling, because not all elements in your score are actually attached to staves and thus don't scale correctly in your example (e.g., the curly brace is too thin).

Anyhow, I suspect the cause is somewhere getting the wrong "mag" or "spatium" value while computing the offset. What's odd though is that it's only a problem on increasing the scaling. Probably somewhere we min or max the value against something else.

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