Flutes aren't holding as long

• Apr 24, 2021 - 22:01

I noticed while playing back that my flute part stops holding a note about an 8th note before the other instruments do, even though they are the same length. Is there something I may have accidentally changed that caused this to happen?


For some instruments such as "flute" MuseScore by default cuts off the note duration at 95% for normal playback and will use 100% of the duration when it should be played legato/slurred.

You can always override this using the Piano Roll Editor.

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Using the default General HQ font, I notice that the flute separates all notes just a tad. Other instruments, hardly at all.

BTW, we know that "tad" means Technically Accurate Description. Or maybe, Totally About Donuts. It depends on which translation of "How to Pull Something Out of Thin Air and Still Not Sound Like You Know What You Are Talking About" you are using.

Sorry, I drifted off for a moment.

I have noticed that in some other fonts there are instruments that do not hold some longer notes out full value. Strings in some versions of SSO have this problem. I think VPO has a few problems, also.

Since it was slightly tricky for me to figure out how to globally disable this special treatment of flutes with instruments.xml, here's what I figured out (which may or may not be the best way to do it):
1. Make a copy of the instruments.xml that's under "instruments/" in the MuseScore installation folder
2. in the copy, under 'Instrument id="flute"', remove or comment out the lines from "Articulation" to "/Articulation" (currently lines 600-603).
(Removing only the "gateTime" line breaks flute playback)
3. Under Edit/Preferences/Score, point "Instrument list 1" to that file

As far as I can tell, this change only applies to new scores.

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