Adding new instruments for Messiaen, Adès, Ligeti, and Matthews (updated)

• Apr 25, 2021 - 16:52

I need some new instruments what Sibelius and Finale has (I think). First is the aeoliphone (A.K.A. the wind maker). This is used from Messiaen's Canyons to the Stars and his opera Saint Francis of Assisi. When you turn it, it sounds like a vaccuum (to me).
Second is the geophone (or ocean drum). Used in Messiaen's Canyons to the Stars, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Adès's scores like Asyla and These premises are alarmed... The ocean drum in the inside has small pellets. And when you turn it sideways, it sounds like the ocean (It's called ocean drum for a reason, y'know?)
Third is the whip. Mostly I'm just going to talk about the sound. The soundfont when you use the whip sounds like a woodblock. I don't know, it just doesn't sound right to me.
Fourth is the tin cans. This is my favorite percussion instrument, now Adès used these in Asyla, there are 3 tin cans (you can add more if you want)
Fifth one are the spring coils and the lujon, Now in 24 days ago, I tried to transcribe Matthews' Turning Point but it just doesn't work out correctly (If you want more information, click on this link: and )
Sixth is the (unpitched) car horns. Now I know y'all already have these but these horns were in Le Grand Macabre by G. Ligeti.
Seventh is the Signal pipe (same as the car horns: used in Le Grand Macabre) I have 2 Metal Signal Pipes. 1st one could do D, E-flat, or A. 2nd one can do F#, F, or D.
Eighth is the Lion's Roar. You can use a bass drum. And you can pull the yarn string to make the noise :
Ninth is the electric (percussive) doorbell used in Le Grand Macabre. No description, you already know what it is.
Tenth is the suspended cymbal, small cymbals, and small tam-tams. When you use the (original) cymbal. It doesn't sound right but you prefer it anyway.
Eleventh are the sheet of paper, tissue, and newspaper (used in Le Grand Macabre) and no description.
Twelfth is the alarm clock (used in Le Grand Macabre) No description
Thirteenth is the Rin (A.K.A. Japanese Temple Bell) [used in Le Grand Macabre and Horn Concerto] It's just a bowl but can sing.
Fourteenth is the Cuckoo Whistle (used in Le Grand Macabre) [click this link for information ]
Fifteenth (1a) is the Temple Blocks. 2 isn't enough for me, I need more like 2 more.
Fifteenth (1b) is the Organ-Regal (IDK how to explain it )
Sixteenth is the Tape (Quacking Ducks). [used in Le Grand Macabre.] No description.
Seventeenth is the Flexatone and Tuned Gongs. [used in a lot of modern orchestral scores now.] Both of them sound like Tubular Bells/Chimes.
Eighteenth is the Siren. It's small but the sound is powerful.
Nineteenth is the Wooden Slats [used in Le Grand Macabre.] Used in houses, some are even small.
Twentieth is the Kitchen Pot. (used in Le Grand Macabre) No description.


As mentioned in your other thread, if you need playback for instruments not part of the General MIDi standard, you need to find and install a soundfont containing these. See the Handbook section on soundfonts for more information.

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