"Measure Number" align changes after reopening

• Apr 29, 2021 - 16:30
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1) set "Bar Number" align (in "Text Styles") to the left edge
2) save the file
3) close the file and reopen it
4) bar numbers are now centered

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Title "Bar Number" align changes after reopening "Measure Number" align changes after reopening
Status active needs info
Frequency Once

I can't reproduce, sample score please

Status needs info active
Workaround Yes No

Funny, I can set it to left aligned and it says there, but not to right aligned.
I can however do this with my scores, just not with your's, very strange

I don't see a workaround though.
And regression vs. what previous version?

Status active needs info

The funny part is that left-aligned is even the default setting
And while I can reproduce with your score, I still can't with any of mine, nor from scratch

So how exactly did you do it?

Status needs info active

I don't know how I "did" that problem. Try my own sheet style. Maybe there you will find an answer.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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I guess I found it:


The score stems from MuseScore 2 originally and had been set to keep the old style

Workaround No Yes

so the workaround is to use Format > Style > Reset all styles
And to remove those 2 lines from your style tile (towards the end of it)

1) Style -> Reset All styles to Default
2) Load a style without those two lines.

Do that in all your scores with the bug.

Thank you very much!

I'd leave it to someone else to decide whether this issue in combination with the use of such a style file still makes this a bug, or is by design.