Sharing a score with someone who can edit at the same time as me?

• May 9, 2021 - 15:53

I want to be able to share a score with someone else who can edit it at the same time as me, is that possible at all? And if not is there a way that I can share to someone who can edit it at a different time?


Real-time collaboration is not currently possible and probably won't be for some time, although I suspect that before the end of the decade we might see it.

But sharing in a "one person edits at a time" fashion is easy enough. For me the simplest way is to have the file on a shared folder in Google Drive or Dropbox or a similar service that can automatically sync between your computer and the cloud. With Google Drive, I find if I edit a file and hit save, the changes are visible to others who are accessing that same shared folder within a minute or so. So you'd have to coordinate your edits, but it beats the heck out of emailing files back and forth - which is, of course, also an option.

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