MuseScore screen stuck on "Loading Scores" even when working on a score.

• May 11, 2021 - 14:50

I often see a background screen (attached) showing Loading Scores even though I have been working on entering notes in a score.

I wonder if this background window is normal behavior or if I should submit a bug report. ( am a fairly new user). Perhaps it has something to do with the app crashing periodically.

2014 Mac mini
Big Sur Beta
MuseScore 3.6.2


That splash screen should disappear once MuseScore is started up completly. If it doesn't and you experience crashes, there's like a connection between those symptoms

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I think it may only be happening when I open with a command line automator script to set the resolution of the monitor. (I use a tv and sit across the room).

I found some advice here on the forum and changed my script. It seems to work correctly after several tries. Time will tell.

First, I changed the mscore in the application package contents to mscore_original. Then I used the following script:


/Applications/MuseScore\ -D 120


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I found that quit command here:…

I wish I knew what all this stuff really means. Why did I need to add "_original"?
What is the difference between #!/bin/bash and the /bin/zsh or the other options in the pull down menu?

I know this is not a Command Line instruction forum. So where would be a good place for me to start? With simplicity in mind?

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