soundtrack piano transcriptions

• May 12, 2021 - 01:58

Hello, I've just joined this site and am just awful at transcribing. I've been looking for the piano score from a 2009 film "The Eclipse". NOT the vampire movies. The entire soundtrack is composed of a dozen-ish pieces of piano music all by Fionnuala Ni McPherson. All can be listened to on Youtube. I would love to find the 1st track entitled "The Eclipse" (3:03). If there is anyone out there that has this sheetmusic or is interested please let me know. Thanks so much, Elizabeth Shea.


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Do I need to worry about copyrights if I only intend it for person use? I'm new to this site and the legal/rules. I've tried researching the composer but have found nothing to help me. A friend of mine mentioned that there might be a computer program that helps you with transcribing music. Any ideas on that? I can't believe I'm the only person looking for film music that isn't easily found. Any help would be great. Thanks so much, Elizabeth.

My guess is when you talk about having "join this site" you really mean, - that's where score sharing takes place. This site here - - is for technical support on the MuseScore software itself. Best to go to and find on of the many special interest groups there - ones for piano, others for film music, etc - and ask over there.

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