How to release the pedal only a halfway?

• May 15, 2021 - 15:02

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Releasing the pedal but not completely for the MIDI.
I'm not asking how to change the line's hook or how to adjust it. I'm asking about the functionality to only release the pedal a little bit. Not all the way to retain the previous bar's ambience.


Do you have a MIDI device that supports this? I don't think many do. Usually controller 64 (sustain pedal) is treated as off for 0-63 and on for 64-127. If your device is able to treat, e.g. 32 or 63 or something as "half pedal" then I'd assume there's some way to have musescore output that value, but I'm not surprised it doesn't do it by default.

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MuseScore's synthesizert, like msot, has no concept of half-pedaling, because it's not part of the basic MID standard. I suspect it's in MIDI 2.0 although I haven't checked. So I'd expect more synthesizers to support it in the future, possibly including whatever synthesizers get included in future versions of MuseScore.

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