Green Fields of France

• May 17, 2021 - 23:36

A long time ago I think I downloaded one version of the Green Fields of France; the first page is gfof1; I like it a lot and would like to get a version in Muse Score so that I can play with it a little. Alas it seems no longer to be part of the Muse Score library; when I search I get three versions, of which gfof shows the first wto systems. I don't like this so much. My question: whatever happened to gfof1; where did it go to?

I also attach a score for The Winding Road, the melody as sung by the Australian baritone Peter Dawson, with my arrangement of the piano part.

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That question is nothing we here at can answer, the score sharing site is over at

But searching there does find a couple version os it:, including:

the score from your first PDF. It seems quite easy to take that and make it looking like your 2nd PDF, just add a voice 'instrument' and copy/paste voice 1 plus the lyrics from the piano up into it, then remove the lyrics from the piano staff, see attached

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