How to write in beats in the correct place under notes?

• May 25, 2021 - 01:31

I'm brand new at MuseScore and am trying to create instruction materials for a RHYTHMS course. I assume that to write in the beats, I need to add Text underneath the staff. How do I write them in the correct place so they line up with the beats?


Adding staff-text to a note should align to rhythm (horizontally) automatically without requiring extra action.
For below, one option is to use staff-text and then set its placement in the inspector to 'Below'.

Screenshot from 2021-05-24 18-25-16.png

For this to run its course throughout, press 'S' to save this as the default style for staff-text. (All in the inspector) Or, if you wanted to generally speaking having staff text above but a specific "beat" text that was below, you could use one of the User-n presets listed in the "Style:" drop down area, like User-1, and change font parameters to taste so that User-1 contained all your changes. Problem with that: an extra step is required to convert selected staff texts to become "User-1" texts by way of range selection or "Select Similar" function. Alternatively, use "Expression" text since by default it is already below. Gluck.

P.S. Select notehead, and use Ctrl+T found in the (Add->Text->) menu to add staff text. Get acquainted with the handbook, etc...

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