Final format of the printed page should be a normal page of music not miniaturalized

• Jun 17, 2021 - 14:46

Hello Sir or Madam,
I imported my PDF file in. That worked fine. Finally figured out after spending 8 hours on my PC computer not being able to do it!
I saw the results of the transposition from Key of B flat to A flat successfully.
However, the final output is very small , hardly legible with one stave per page for 16 pages.
Can it not default to a page whereby each stave is easily read with, say, 2 or 3 staves (I realize that including 4 voices plus 4 staves of piano is a lot but 2 sets per page? Perhaps?)
Once file is created can we select which staves we want to print? i.e. Voice 3 plus piano (Treble and Bass)
What about editing the Voice to have Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone B1, Bass B2?
Editing the Title?
Please advise.


The default size is for each staff to be 7 mm tall. That's a pretty standard for published music. if you have a score you imported from some other program - including a PDF-to-MusicXML conversion program like the one used on - we honor the size specified by that other program. But if you wish to change it to something else, just go to Format / Page Settings and change the staff space size to whatever you want (literally the size of the staff space, so 1/4 the actual height of the staff).

Looks like this particular score came in smaller than the default, so the PDF import program must have specified that, but it's actually not that small for a score as to for parts. Scores are typically printed pretty small so as to not be too many pages. But if you would rather it be larger, you've room to turn it up. Or, if you'd rather go smaller still so you can fit two systems on a single Letter or A4 size sheet of paper, turn the size down.

To get the individual parts, as mentioned, use File / Parts as document in the link above.

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