Score didn't save - I pressed "Save As" last night, file looked like it was in my download folder. Not there this morning

• Jun 17, 2021 - 15:25

As the title says...I made a new score last night and started writing in it. I pressed Save As, and the dialog box opened up to where I could save the file. I put it in one of my folders, and pressed the Save button. It then crashed MuseScore. I opened the program up again, and it asked to Restore my score. I said yes. The score opened up again. I pressed Save again, and the Save As dialog box opened up, so then I placed it in the folder and pressed Save. It crashed once more. I did the same for the third time, and the process looked like it worked - the program didn't crash.

I started writing more music. Then, I pressed save and closed the program myself. I turned my computer off after that. This morning when I opened MuseScore, I looked for my file and it was in the file folder. When I open it up, there was nothing. It goes to the blank score with "Title", "Composer", etc. and a blank page with measures in it. That's it. I tried opening it again, and once more there is nothing. I lost it all.

Does anyone know why this happened? Is there something I can do to make sure it doesn't happen again?


After repeated crashes, sometimes MuseScore gets confused about what you are actually recovering, and it will probably turn out you actually were working on the "autosave" copy of the score directly that time, and that's probably what you saved - not the "real" copy. So you would just need to find that autosave copy. See for info on how to find that, and also the most recent backup which could also be useful.

Also, if you are on Windows and didn't go out of your way to disable OneDrive when setting up your computer, you can also restore older saved copies from that. One way or another, it should be possible to recover a recent version of the file. Then attach it here so we can help fix whatever the problem is that is leading to the crash - probably a corrupting on one of the parts.

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