Notes seem to play or ring twice on when Tablature entered?

• Jun 17, 2021 - 21:38

I have Musescore 5.3 I I can successfully enter both notes and tablature. If I put in notes on the treble clef, they play back great. However if I add in Tablature, on the play back some of the notes and the tab seem to play or ring at the same time- Sounds like its playing the font from Treble clef and the Tab clef at the same time. Like 2 fonts are playing the note and the tab at the same time. This only happens on a few notes? How can I get that "double sound " off.
Additionally, After I enter in the notes, I highlight the measure, Hit Ctrl+C, which copies the notes, then Ctrl + v which pastes them into the Tab measure. Maybe that is the issue?


After you get your MuseScore version number squared away ;-)
have a look at:

So basically, when using TAB, if you want the TAB staff to display a duplicate of the notes in the standard (treble clef) staff, you should use linked staves -- you won't need to copy/paste into the TAB at all. It will occur automatically. Any edits to one staff will be reflected in the other. Also, if you open the Mixer, you will see that only one guitar is listed.

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If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. then we can understand and assist better.

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