"musical text font" selection does not change default text font

• Jun 24, 2021 - 14:38
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within the "Format > Style > Score" dialogue, there is an option to change the text fonts using the "musical text font" dropdown menu, in order to adjust the text fonts to the selected musical symbols design. But in the latest version (3.6.2) it is without function. It worked fine in previous versions.

  1. go to Format > Style > Score
  2. try to change the "musical text font", using one of the two appropriate pulldown menus.
  3. the text fonts will stay with "Edwin" as default font.

expected behavior:
text fonts should be changed to the selected font style.


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This works as expected for me. But as always, it only affects those text elements that actually use this setting - dynamics and a handful of others. It has never affected titles, staff tex,t lyrics, etc.

If you believe you have a score in which this setting is not working correctly, please attach it so we can investigate.

Status needs info by design

I think "Musical Text Font" is not what you believe it to be. It is not the font used for Lyrics, staff text etc.
It is the font used for Segno Coda, parts of Tempo text.

Yes you are right. Sorry, I confused this with the templates that you can choose when starting a new project. For example, the "Jazz Combo" template sets all fonts to MuseJazz. I thought you could set the default font using the "musical text font" dropdown menu. It would be a nice feature, but has already been discussed elsewhere (https://musescore.org/en/node/308434). Thanks for clarifying.

Title "musical text font" selection does not work in version 3.6.2 "musical text font" selection does not change default text font