Save/Export/Import User Interface Settings

• Aug 5, 2021 - 04:39

I was curious to know whether it is possible to save / export / import the appearance settings of a customised user-interface?

For example, if I set colours for paper, canvas, symbols, etc. is there anyway to export a file with these settings to give to others, so that they are able to use the same settings? – Would this be done through templates?

I ask for accessibility reasons, where manually selecting each element's colour / property would be impractical.
The screen shot is not for specific colours, just a reference for the settings I refer to.

Thanks heaps in advance.

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Preferences are saved in a special file, usually with the extension INI. The location of which depends on your OS but would probably be something normally hidden, like under AppData on Windows. Between two computers running the same version it should work to copy the file except that there is some info in it like list of recent files or location of various folders or sizes of various windows that might make more sense to leave at defaults. So it might take some experimenting to see if you can get it to work well by, for instance, deleting all line others than the ones you want.

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