Custom symbols + hanging ties

• Aug 5, 2021 - 22:25

I'm preparing a custom part which uses almost entirely cresc. and dim. from nothing (with a circle attached). It would make the process much easier if I didn't need to manually add an open circle to every hairpin.

  1. Is there a way to add custom symbols to Musescore 3 from another graphic program? I don't care about Musescore playback for this purpose.

  2. Will future Musescore versions make hanging ties easier to add/manage? This isn't rare in orchestral/percussion writing. I'm aware of previous discussions in this forum:

My attachment shows an example of each of the above score elements.

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Pretty sure you can create a custom hairpin with the circle and put it into a pallet. Also pretty sure you won't be able to stretch it across several measures. IE modify it to any particular length.

Place a hairpin in your score, then in the Inspector (see image below):
1. Place a check mark in the 'Begin text' box,
2. Copy the following text:
and paste into the 'Text' box.
3. The niente circle is kind of small, so boost the font size to around 18.


The hairpin can be saved in a plaette for future use.

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