How to Efficiently Notate "Hanging" Slurs/Ties

• Jan 5, 2019 - 00:09

So "hanging" slurs/ties are common in percussion notation where the composer intends to let the instrument resonate or ring after being played. This is often notated with a slur or tie "hanging" off of the note (see attached image) or with the text "l.r." ("let ring") or "l.v." ("let vibrate").

I prefer "hanging" slurs/ties over text because it's more common and takes up less space, however, MuseScore 2.3.2 (I haven't checked this with ver/ 3.0) does not offer a uniform "hanging" slur in the master palette.

A way to go around this is to add a slur on a note to the following rest, and offsetting the slur to resemble a "hanging" slur. However, this is inefficient as the slur must be carefully offset to be parallel to the staff and the horizontal stretch of it is inconsistent as it is determined by the individual note, rest, and measure.

Does anyone have a better solution to notate "hanging" slurs/ties both efficiently and uniformly? Or does this feature exist but I haven't found it yet?
Thank you for your help!

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This is not a fix I use for I do not have the patience of Ghandi, but others have:

Under 'Arpeggios and glissandi" the curled line called a "doit". If enough care is taken it can be shaped into a hanging tie.
I've decided to use l.v. rather than learn a new craft.

I also noticed a hanging slur fouls up at the end of a system.

Hope this helps.

I usually tie it to an individual note of the same pitch/percussion type in another voice. Make the second note invisible and not play. Hint: you need to select the first note and ctrl+click the second note to tie two notes in different voices. It's best if no notes follow this while you are adding the tie, but if there are you might need to delete the extra tie(s) that may be created.

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