Width of measure

• Aug 9, 2021 - 15:51

I would like to have the first bar of a staff exactly 6cm (in my case 40sp) wide. How can I achieve this?
Greetings, Pentatonus


There is no facility for specify widths in absolute terms, just increase or decrease stretch until it's where you want it.

That said, depending on what else is going on with the measure (eg, is it empty or not?) and with the rest of the system (what is their content like?_ you might be able to fake this by inserting something in the measure that you can calculate to be exactly 40 sp wide, and positioning it in such a way that autoplace does what you'd want. if you attach your actual score, we can understand and advise better.

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The thing is, the reaono is very relevant to any suggestions given. For example, if it's because you are then going to create a graphic of this to include in some other document, one answer would be, simply size the graphic after taking the screen shot. Another might be, set the page width to be exactly 8 cm with 1 cm margins, now the measure is always 6 cm. Without knowing more about the actual real world problem you are trying to solve, it's hard to know what other suggestions might turn out to be useful.

Thank you for all your thoughts. The tip from Jojo helped. I measured the bar on the screen with a ruler and compressed it a bit CTRL+{ so it is exactly 6cm.

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