Accordeon Symbols can collide with staff lines, and in general don't avoid colissions with other elements

• Aug 13, 2021 - 23:13
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When adding an accodrdeon symbol to the score, it gets placed inside of the line (see picture). Adding to that, it can't be fastly moved by using the arrow keys on the keyboard in contrast to many other symbols that allow this process. Changing the position in the inspector works.

If the position in the inspector is reset, it's not in the line anymore, it still touches the top of the line though.

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How are you applying these sympols, draggging into the measure or select note/rest and click on the symbol?
The latter is the correct method and should result in proper placent.

I tried some things out in this score, i've always written explanations what i've done.

Yes, I add the symbols by using the accordeon palette, I realized some things that they behave very differently compared to other symbols in other palettes:

  1. The position above/under the line can't be switched by pressing the shortcut x, unlike e. g. dynamics or text.
  2. The accordeon symbols don't have any blue text in the inspector unlike dynamics again e. g.
  3. Accordeon symbols generally seem to me as they are colliding with many stuff (see in score)
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Title Accordeon Symbols can't be moved by arrow keys and get placed inside of the line. Accordeon Symbols can collide with staff lines, and in general don't avoid colissions with other elements
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I see. Seems these are basically 'just' symbols, not seen as articulations or some such, and attach directly to the notehed (hence can collide with staff lines). Thed can get adjust with the arrow keys, after a double clide, i.e putting them into edit mode.

This most probably is currently by design and due to them being just mere mortal elements without any semantic

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Thank you!

I am just arranging a piece for accordeon orchestra at the moment and after some time it gets annoying always correcting the positions after doing something. Especially, after correcting it in the full score, the part scores are still messed up with that. I also think that Musescore is also maybe the wrong application for doing something like that, but at least it is possible.

I'm not familiar with these symbols, but if you're implying you'd rather see them above the staff, best not to apply them as symbols, but as text, using the Special Characters palette.

But either way, they should certainly avoid other symbols, and they can easily be moved by keyboard after double-click just like other symbols. There is, however, a bug where the measure doesn't adjust its width to account for symbols moved between notes until the next layout. So it will appear as if there is a collision, but it goes away as soon as you make any additional edit, or otherwise trigger another layout.