Does MuseScore have chords for Italian, French and German Sixths?

• Aug 15, 2021 - 18:17

I have seen notations like Fr+6, It+6 and Ge+6 in some scores. Does MuseScore support that kind of chord and notation.

If not, would it be helpful for some?


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He found those images the same place I did, and the same place you could.
Do you mean use them as in have Musescore play them?
You will notice that the C Ger+6 is an Ab major dominant 7. After a while it becomes more a matter of theory than practicality.

Those aren't chord symbols, they are Roman numeral analysis. And yes, MuseScore supports that easily right out of the box, just type Fr+6 while entering your RNA (Add / Text / Roman Numeral Analysis) and you get exactly that with the +6 superscripted as expected, no trickery or images required.

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No playback for any RNA, indeed that's true - I don't think that was mentioned as being desired?

Of course, the norm for RNA is to add it scores that already are fully notated - the "A" in RNA is for "analysis", after all. Sometimes it is used as an adjunct to chord symbols in lead sheets, but virtually never would the augmented sixth chord notation be used in that case, it would simply be bVI7. Either way, you'll get the playback - from the notation or from the chord symbols.

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