Printing - Quirky bug

• Sep 1, 2021 - 04:46

Printing prints a mess of all sorts of incoherent pieces.
Workaround: Exporting to pdf solves the problem. No big deal but seems strange.


That score stems from 3.6.0, so update to 3.6.2 first, then try again.

Then there's a lot of manual repositioning going on and disabling autoplace, for almost every element of the score, chord symbols, rehearsal marks, staff text, text line, I don't see any reason fort that though.

Is the attached printing any better?

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Jazz major 7th -progression.mscz 31.21 KB

Indeed, all that manual position and disabling of autoplace has created a bit of a mess - the chords are inconsistently aligned and spaced, etc. But that in itself doesn't explain the printing issues. That seems more likely an issue with the specific printer driver being used.

For future reference, the way to get perfect alignment of chord symbols is to not mess with manual adjustments or autoplace, but instead, just go to Format / Style / Chord Symbols and set an appropriate value for "Maximum shift above" (I typically use siomething in the 3-5sp range). This will automatically align chords system by system, moving chords the minimum amount that yields the alignment, but excluding any chords that would require an adjustment of more than that configured max (so a single outlying chord high above the staff won't force all chords on that system to align with it. Also it seems you are oushing the chords to the left for some reaosn, which isn't recommended, but if you wish to, best to make that a part of the style setting rather than using manual adjustment. So adjsut one chord, then hit the "Set as style" buitton ("S" icon) in the Inspector.

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