Not loading Soundfonts

• Sep 12, 2021 - 23:39

Hey, today I tried to get some soundfonts since I'm writing a big band arrangement and the Musescore default horns don't sound very good to me. They're sf2 files and Musescore won't let me load them, I figured it was a problem with the file or whatever but then I accidentally deleted the Default soundfont from the Synthesizer and it won't let me load it again, so I have no sound.

Please help.


You can't completely delete the default soundfont from within MuseScore. More likely you simply remove it from the list of soundfonts loaded by default. So add it back, View / Synthesizer, click the Add button.

As for the other sf2 files you tried loading, you didn't say if you followed the instructions in the Handbook and of so, at which specific step something went wong, or what specifically went wrong in any case. But assuming you placed them in the correct folder, that same Add button should work.

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