Part of the arrangement becomes louder for no reason.

• Sep 16, 2021 - 20:08

Bar 41-49 & Bar 83-91. Both on the same verse, something happened and I don't know what.
I've used a lot of dynamics, changed the velocity of notes to match the dynamics of how I intended for the arrangement, I changed the velocity of the dynamics symbols too... that's about it.

I can't tell what's exactly causing this.

Edit : I removed the Dynamics of Bar 41 & 42, it removed the crescendo effect. I tried adding the Dynamics back again from the palette but the problem comes back.
2nd Edit : I think the root cause is the F Dynamic at Bar 42.
I removed only that and played the file to check any difference. The crescendo effect is gone.


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Isn't there an audio level/spectrum thingy that we can use to monitor the velocity in detail?

The piano roll editor (PRE) can provide you with a graphical representation of dynamic levels of the notes on a staff.

See the image in this post:
The bottom area of the PRE, in the Levels Display Area is where you can view the dynamic levels of the notes.


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You wrote:
...using an image icon of the selected Dynamic instead of using the software's.

If you do not wish the dynamic to have an effect on playback, instead of 'faking it' with your image icon, you can use a dynamic from the Symbols palette (keyboard shortcut is 'z'):

Elements from the Symbols section do not follow any positioning rules (in many cases unlike identical elements from other sections of the Master Palette), nor do they affect score playback.

Be aware that you can choose the 'real' dynamic symbols from the Dynamics palette found in the workspace, and then adjust the velocity to your liking using the Inspector. There is really no need for 'fake' symbols if you do that.

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It shoudln't involve that much work. Agaiun, I don't hear a problem, and am curious what your experiments in Audacity showed - can you post a screenshot of the resulting waveform? And even if there is something unusual going on with your system, causing a problem - a big in your OS's audio drivers, perhaps - any adjustments you make are likely to make it get unexpectedly quieter for everyone else. So it's important to be 100% sure you aren't creating a problem where none exists.

That said, if you do wish to adjust the volume adjusting velocity is good, but definitely do not use images of dynamics. If you want them to have no playback effect, just set their velocity to 0 in the Inspector.

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