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• Sep 17, 2021 - 11:20

I have recommended musescore to my sister-in-law, who has downloaded the latest version, but on her screen the New Score Wizard box is too large for her to see the buttons at the bottom, for next, back, finish, cancel.
She says she can't make the box any smaller. What can she do?


It is probably an issue with screen resolution (x*y) and DPI settings, also the scaling of the screen, like150% probably (quite a typicalvalue for a modern Laptop and Windows), maybe reducing that to 125% helps already, else you'd need to resort to using the command line options to tell MuseScore which DPI setting to use

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Thanks for that reply. I thought it could be something to do with the screen resolution, but it is quite a technical issue to explain to someone who is not very technically minded. I am not sure that I understand about how to use 'the command line options to tell MuseScore which DPI setting to use'.

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Instead of the -F (for factory reset) use -D followed by a numerical value for the desired DPI setting. Start with something like -D 100. Once a working value was found, modify the desktop shortcut that start MuseScorte to include that command line option (and outside the double quotes of those settings)

See How to change MuseScore's DPI

Actually, on some systems, the issue is not with the entire UI, but only with dialogs. When she starts MuseScore and views the default empty score, does it appear "actual size" (physically the same size on screen as a piece of paper)? If so, then the command line thing isn't what you need, it's a Windows setting that needs to be changed instead.

Some things to try include what you see in On some computers that have this problem, setting the "Scaling performed by" to "System" or "System (enhanced)" works.

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The original problem was that the New Score Wizard box filled most of the screen, but the lower part with the buttons was not visible, and there seemed to be no way of resizing the box. My sister-in-law has now reported that after fiddling around with the size of the box again, it suddenly became smaller, and she could see the things to click at the bottom. I don't know quite how it happened. Has she stumbled across a way of resizing the box, when it previously seemed impossible?

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