provide "Playback-only" mode

• Sep 19, 2021 - 07:03

Often I use MuseScore as play-along tool to play an accompaniment for me (playing Sax or violin).
During this it would be fine to disable any (accidentally) editing as well as suppress unnecessary tool icons, giving more space to the note lines


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Oh, interesting. I did not know about this feature yet...

But it is not exactly the same that I demanded. My idea is more general: when using MuseScore as play-along tool, I don't want editing at all - for all files opened during this session.
Later maybe I do some editing on some files - and want to work in "normal mode".

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I'd like to disagree: the mobile app as far away from being a full replacement for me.
First of all: my display of my PC is big enough to use it for play-along tool. The 10" tablet is too small.
Also the app still lacks some functionality.
And finally: in case I really want to edit/correct the score: no way with the app

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Indeed, there are cases where you might still want to open the score in MuseScore. But note, the fact that you just said you want to edit/correct means you need those control to be available as well somehow. This comes up occasionally, some people literally want no edit option at all, others find it the whole reason they are doing this, Design one mode that serves both purposes is tricky, and so far, no one has really proposed anything concrete.

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Maybe I did not explain my idea concrete enough:
The program should provide 2 modes: editing (the normal mode) and playback (best combined with fullscreen).
The user should get a simple short-cut key (F5 or F7 seem to be unused) to switch between these both.
So, during playback mode, no editing is possible. But, after switching the mode, a user may do some corrections, save and finally go back to playback mode.

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Ah, so that's a third aspect to any proposed design. Some literally want locked to mean locked - no editing possible period. Some want the entire score locked; others want to lock by staff or by range. Others simply want a full screen view in which there is less clutter for their editing - they don't want to leave the full screen view to edit. Sounds like you are asking for something distinct from either of those. Not saying it's impossible, but again, someone would need to really think through the different use cases that would need to be supported and propose a coherent design to cover them all (or as many as practical, anyhow).

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