Weird glitch? Random Sharps & Shortcut (M) warps all notes

• Sep 20, 2021 - 07:27

I'm writing a drum set piece and want to put multi-measure rests.

FIRSTLY: I noticed that every time I open the score, there are random #'s on my hi-hats (picture 1).

SECONDLY: When I use the short cut key "M" for the multi-measure rest, the whole score flips out like the second image.

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any solution? I've been using MuseScore 3 for over a year now and this is new.
-- I've already reseted the program and the computer, I checked for updates, but did not see anything...


Indeed, we'd need the score itself in order to do more than guess, but as it is, my best guess is that you accidentally disabled the "drumset" option for the staff in the mixer.

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There's an instrument change text in measure 8, but no instrument is switches to?
But after that it switches to a Piano sound
Delete that (and replace it with a normal staff- or system text), after that the multimeasure rest issue is gone

I'm affraid you'd need to re-enter all the hi-hats

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I didn't realize that there was an instr change at measure 8! I think I used the TEXT option "Instrument change."
Great, this helped so much. And I didn't have to re-enter all the hi-hats thankfully.

I deleted the "Guit only" at measure 8, rewrote it using system text like you suggested. That fixed the notation up to measure 33. Then I clicked on "Concert Pitch" at the top and it switched the rest of the score back. There are a few random #'s laying around (picture attached), but that's a way easier fix than what I had before haha.

Thank you so much!

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