Easy Fingering Mode: Shortcuts & Chords

• Sep 20, 2021 - 19:38

Regarding “Easy Fingering Mode,” is it necessary to create a shortcut for each finger number in order to make this mode work?

Also: is it possible to finger chords using "easy mode"? The instructions don't say.


If you double click on a existing fingering you can enter all of them using keyboard only, using i m a o or whatever text you want, and navigate from note to note by space or shift-space (to navigate backward).

You don't say which type of instrument you want to enter fingering for, but Add / Text / Fingering puts you in edit mode with the fingering type set to the standard piano fingering. Type a number, press space to move to the next note. Chords are handled indeed. If you wish instead to enter guitar finger, use the Inspector to change the type before pressing space. Or, as mentioned, add one from the palette, then double-click to put it in edit mode.

Marc, you say that in easy fingering mode "chords are handled indeed," but you don't say how. Using the fingering input mode, if I press Enter as needed, I can add fingering for each note of a chord from top to bottom. However, the spacing seems off. See attached example. The fingering for the first chord was added using the fingering input mode, but it's too wide. The fingering for the second chord was added manually. This looks better and how MuseScore has always looked.

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Enter is not a key to use in this mode. It's always Space to move to the next note, whether the next note is after or below the current note. What you've done is add one fingering element to the top note, and that fingering happens to contain three lines of text, with the spacing determined by whatever the font itself uses for line space. What you want are three separate fingerings, with the spacing determing by MuseScore. That's what pressing Space to move to the next note does.

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