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• Sep 21, 2021 - 18:43

I would like to know if there is any way of disabling the Edit element mode when I double-click a note or rest with my mouse (as a keyboard shortcut it is alt+shift+e), but I couldn't find a way to disable this mode when using double-click. Is there a way or should it be added to the software?


The potential lock mode would be something pretty drastically different though - it would prevent any edits, not just those done in edit mode. Can you explain in more detail why you want to prevented from that particular type of edit only, while presumably still being allowed to perform other edits? Is your mouse double-click sensitivity simply set too high, perhaps?

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My goal would just to have some way to disable entering Edit mode when double-clicking it because my mouse is malfunctioning and it double-clicks more often than not, so it would be interesting if I could somehow turn off changing modes by double-clicking. Bottom line is I'd rather just be using normal mode, both with single and double-clicks. Therefore, if there was a way to disable not only the alt+shift+e but also the double click feature, I would immensely like that.

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Surely that sort of problem would cause issues with all the software you used, including whatever File/Web browsing type application you might use, sounds like you need a new mouse (or cleaning it etc.)
But no, the logic to activate edit-element mode on double-click is hard-coded, you can't disable it. You can just press Esc to get out of it though.
On Windows at least you can configure the Double Click speed, maybe try that?

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But you don't even need to double click first! I certainly agree there are types of element that are unusual to need to move and should require some additional action - I would have thought double click first was a reasonable requirement (which means 3 mouse down actions, vs the current 1). Though I had investigated whether "edit mode" was even needed at all (vs just using modifier keys while dragging).

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