Musescore 3 crashing using multiple roaming profiles

• Sep 21, 2021 - 21:31

We have been using Musescore 1 and 2 for many years on our school computers. These computers use roaming profiles meaning multiple users can log into the same profile on about 30 computers. The programme was never actually downloaded onto the individual computers but rather was accessed via the network using the roaming profile. Musescore 1 and 2 worked perfectly with this setup and all students could use use the programme all at once without any issue.

We recently tried to update the programme to Musescore 3 as this is what our students are using at home. While all students were logged into the same profile Musescore 3 crashed after about 3 students tried to use it.

We then set up 30 separate roaming profiles and Musescore 3 seemed to work fine while about 10 profiles were using the programme. Today, 24 separate profiles tried to use the programme all at one time and the programme crashed again.

We can't download the programme onto each computer as this setup isn't possible in our school.

My question is if there is any way around this crashing issue? Is there a way to allow Musescore 3 be used on multiple profiles in the same way it was possible on Musescore 1 and 2?


Since it sounds like it works at least sometimes with the roaming profiles, it's possible the crash you experience isn't related to that, and is just a "normal" crash - the result of some specific sequence of unexpected steps taken on some specific (possibly corrupt) score. If you find a way to reproduce the crash reliably, please attach the score and the precise steps.

Thanks for the replies,

I had even more issues with it today. Previously it would only crash if being used on multiple profiles at the same time. Today I was only using it on one computer and the programme crashed. I managed to screen record the issue - it allowed me to setup a score for string quartet and start inputting the piece in question but froze after inputting 3 notes - the screen record of this can be found at this link:

I also tried this with one instrument, two instruments and it ultimately crashed after inputting a few notes.

I also tried PortableApp and the same thing happened.

I tried the factory reset suggested in another thread and this did not work.

I would still be really grateful of any other suggestions you might have.

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