Musescore 3.6.2 / Big Sur / No Sound

• Sep 22, 2021 - 11:39

Hey, I just got a new Mac and I can't get Musescore to output any sound. I can't select an audio device, the synthesizer and mixer section are also greyed out. I've tried, re-installing, doing a PRAM reset, loading in a new soundfont, restarting audio and midi devices, reset all preferences to default, restarted my computer a number or times, cleared out everything that might be causing this problem (deleted all NI Hardware apps that others said might be the cause. Is there any way to solve this? Without sound Musescore is unusable to me. Thanks!

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" I also tried everything listed on the how-to page "

Are you sure? One should not be in a hurry (we are often "nervous" when this happens to us!), but calmly, and being sure to follow and go to the end of each proposed solution. It is there, inevitably. Unless there was something specific to Big Sur ? (which I admit I did not know about)

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1. the synthesizer section is greyed out so I can’t choose Synthesizer
2. Tried restoring MuseScore factory settings, still nothing
3. Tried installing a replacement soundfont (spefically SALC5-Light-SF-v2_7)
4. Tried updating drivers
5. Tried restarting Audio and Midi devices
6. My Mac doesn’t have a touch-bar (I’m on a Macbook Air)

Beginning to think that the problem is with Big Sur and not with Musescore, Musescore worked perfectly with Catalina..

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Oh yeah, the "There has been a recent report that, on Mac, Native Instruments' software Komplete Kontrol, resp. 2 of the agents it installs, NIHostIntegrationAgent and NIHardwareAgent, to cause this issue, cure was to disable them from running and restart.". I had those on my system, but have since then deleted all traces of those. I've also tried to reset the PRAM. The others ones are more for Windows.

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