System Crash

• Sep 22, 2021 - 13:46


The system crashed and I 've lost lots of work.
I've tried all the recovery options suggestions in help but have still lost hours of work
Can you please help recover a later auto saved version


To be clear: assuing you didn't literally go hours without saving your work, you don't need autosave - the file you actually saved will have your most recent changes. Only if you literally went hours without saving would you need to rely on the autosave. And even then, unless you disabled autosave or changed its time interval in Edit / Preferences, then you won't lose more than two minutes work after a crash - the most recent autosave won't be older than two minutes after the crash. So you just need to find that most recent version as per the instructions in that article. If that's what you mean when you say you somehow still lost hours of work, please explain in more detail. Are you saying the most cofile in the autosave folder was last modified more than two minutes before the system crash? What was the time and date of the crash, and what is the time and date of the most recent autosave file from before that crash?

If you are on Windows, and again assuming you save regularly, then OneDrive can also recover previous versions of your score. macOS has Time Machine which I gather is similar.

So there are tons of protections here, you probably haven't actually actually lost anything. Unless your hard disk is failing, which is possible - that could also be the cause of the system crash.

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