Copy with Link to Score – for Mac?

• Sep 22, 2021 - 19:46

UPDATE: Marc Sabatella just answered my question – this feature still works, but you must paste into Libre Office because it supports links to documents. (I tried to delete this post, but couldn't find a way to to that.)

Hi, everyone.

I'm interested in using the Copy with Link to Score feature of the Image Capture Tool.

The handbook only states, "Choose this to copy an image including a link to the MuseScore file. When pasting this into a program that supports this, you can click on the image to open the MuseScore file."

I've tried pasting into Pages and TextEdit, but it pastes only as a graphic.

Have any of you Mac users been able to get this to work (without using Libre)?



Would be interesting still to know what other programs do support this function. It worked with LibreOffice when I developed the feature but who knows if it still works in current versions. It does not work with Google Docs. That's about all I know.

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It definitely works with Libre on the Mac (I just tested it). This could be very useful.

I just haven't figured out how I could send someone a folder of MuseScore files with a Libre file, because all of the hyperlinks in Libre would be hardcoded to the files on my hard drive.

[I suppose that I could first create a disk image, then put all the MuseScore files and the Libre file into it, then create all the Image Capture screenshots to paste into Libre. Presumably, if I then sent this disk image to another person, all the Libre links would open the correct MuseScore files.]

Thanks for your help, Marc.

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It's probably not practical to send someone else the MSCZ files - I'm guessing the pathnames for the links wouldn't match between systems. For something like that it's probably better to create an actual HTML file and host it on a web server. But the copy with link won't really help with that, I'm afraid.

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