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• Oct 5, 2021 - 21:31

I'm a regular MuseScore user for my original songs. I'd like to download standards in MuseScore so I can transpose the key if necessary. How do I do this? Does my current membership allow me to do this or do I need to do something else? Thanks, Sue


I'd like to clarify. is where you download songs, so if you are having trouble with that, you need to go over there to that site to ask for help.

But once you've downloaded them, if you have trouble actually working them in MuseScore - the free music notation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux - then that is something we can certainly help you with here on We'd just need you to attach the score you downloaded and then to describe in more detail the problem you're having working with it in MuseScore.

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Dear Marc, Thanks for writing. I know that is where I download songs. My purpose is to download songs in Musescore so that I can transpose, add parody lyrics, and make minor changes for performance. Some songs do download in MuseScore ("I'm In the Mood for Love") Some songs do not download in MuseScore ("I Can't Give You Anything but Love") and I get an error message.
I can print out the version (wrong key) but I cannot open it in MuseScore to make it flexible. Thanks, Sue.

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I see, that score crashes MuseScore (3.6.2, on Windows 10)

Stack trace:
1 Ms::Element::parent element.h 199 0x1064cbc
2 Ms::Note::chord note.h 428 0x105fc78
3 Ms::Tie::calculateDirection tie.cpp 713 0xab01ec
4 Ms::Chord::layoutPitched chord.cpp 1950 0x94bfdd
5 Ms::Chord::layout chord.cpp 1839 0x94b6d4
6 Ms::layoutSegmentElements layout.cpp 99 0x9f1225
7 Ms::Score::layoutChords1 layout.cpp 577 0x9f2de6
8 Ms::Score::getNextMeasure layout.cpp 3141 0x9fffc4
9 Ms::Score::collectSystem layout.cpp 4031 0xa05442
10 Ms::LayoutContext::collectPage layout.cpp 4850 0xa0ae91
11 Ms::LayoutContext::layout layout.cpp 5179 0xa0cbd6
12 Ms::Score::doLayoutRange layout.cpp 5167 0xa0cb36
13 Ms::Score::doLayout layout.cpp 4999 0xa0bd89
14 Ms::MasterScore::read206 read206.cpp 3876 0xbcdec7
15 Ms::MasterScore::read1 scorefile.cpp 1041 0xb55172
16 Ms::MasterScore::loadCompressedMsc scorefile.cpp 859 0xb5409e
17 Ms::MasterScore::loadMsc scorefile.cpp 946 0xb54758
18 Ms::MasterScore::loadMsc scorefile.cpp 937 0xb545bd
19 Ms::::operator()(Ms::MasterScore *, const QString &, bool, bool) const file.cpp 2328 0x4cbd45
20 Ms::readScore file.cpp 2336 0x4cbff5

when calculationg the direction of a tie

It had been written (or rather: last saved) with MuseScore 2.0.2 and does open cleanly with 2.3.2.
That shows the possible culprit tie (leading into nothing):

Deleting that tie and it loads in MuseScore 3(.6.2) without a crash

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