Custom page size does not allow portrait mode where width > height.

• Oct 8, 2021 - 16:47
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If I have a score with a few lines, I would like to shrink the page to hide the trailing space at the bottom of the page when displayed but print normally, that is at the top of a portrait mode. If I try to change, say a letter size, so that the height is less than the width, the software automatically switches to a landscape mode which may not be what I want. A workaround is to manually set the orientation back to the portrait mode when printing the score. This, obviously, is an inconvenience.

Suggestion: decouple the selection of Landscape, Portrait modes from page height and width for custom page sizes.

An option to remove trailing space from a page (or the last page) when the score is played in an iFrame will also be great.


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I'm having trouble understanding. how is it physically possible to have portrait mode where width > height? That's the very definition of landscape. So what about simply using landscape mode isn't exactly what you are looking for? Does your particular printer driver perhaps do something other than print what you are expecting? Best to attach a sample score and describe in more detail what you are trying to do and why.

Sorry if I didn't explain this properly. Here is my use model:

I have a bunch of short instructional scores that only take up the top 3 or 4 lines in a page. If I print one of these, I would like to print in portrait mode on top of a letter sized (or printer default) page. So the printer should not automatically set the landscape mode.

I also would like to host these on and embed them in Web pages for students to browse and play. When embedding a page with a couple of lines, I like to get rid of the large trailing blank area on the page and only show the couple of score line while playing.

The workaround that I found for getting rid of trailing blank was to reduce the page size to fit only the top portion of the otherwise a full page. When I reduced the height of the page, the custom page size forced the landscape mode as soon as the height became smaller than the width. This forced value then migrated to the printer.

My idea was then to leave the coupling between landscape/portrait and width/height alone for custom sizes.

Alternative to this would be a view mode in the player that ignores page breaks and treats the score as a continuous stream similar to a regular Web page. For example, "Web View" versus "Print View".

Hope this is a bit more clear.

So you're if you set a page size in which you reduce the height to less than the width, but keep the width the standard size for your printer's default paper size (eg, 8.5" for US Letter), your printer automatically prints sideways when printing on letter paper? I would imagine that behavior would depend (how pages are printed when small than the page size) as much on the print driver as on MuseScore. But indeed, if there is a way for MuseScore to communicate this to printers, that could be useful. Not sure the printer protocols support such a thing?