more realistic SF

• Oct 14, 2021 - 02:22

The Trumpet, Cornet and Flugelhorn all sound the same
The Euphonium and Tuba share the same sound
The Baritone, French Horn and Tenor Horn all sound the same
The Trombone and Cimbasso sound exactly the same

I hate that.
I want to use the Cornet and Flugel horn to make warmer sounds but they sound as bad as the trumpet
Is there a soundfont that makes the brass instruments have a more realistic sound?


MuseScore's default soundfont uses the General MIDI standard, which doesn't recognize cornet or flugelhorn, nor euphoniums or any horns but the standard "French" horn in F. No doubt soundfonts exist that contain these sounds, and hopefully you'll get recommendations here, but meanwhile, a simple web search for "cornet soundfont" etc. should turn up results.

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