Changing Instrument Name Alters Clef

• Oct 16, 2021 - 02:53

I'm attempting to change the name of an instrument for clarity's sake in my score, however every time I do the clef for that section changes from bass to treble & alters the notes to be in the treble clef as well. Is there a way to fix this?


That shoudn't happen normally, are you sure you are literally only changing the name? In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with and give us the steps to reproduce the problem.

There are some special cases I've seen where temporary glitches if you have used an instrument change on the first measure of the score - not something one would normally need to do - and then changed the initial clef for the instrument to be something other than the default for that instrument. So may what you are seeing is something like this. In such cases it should work to simply change it back. Again, if you attach your score and tell us how to reproduce the problem, we can advise better.

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Score stems from (or rather: got last save with) MuseScore 3.5.2. The latest version is 3.6.2, so better update, even if the current problem is unrelated (and I can confirm that it still happens)

The score has 3 Instruments, all 3 Pianos, the 1st and 2nd though with the bass staff only, the 3rd with 2 bass staves. Only one of those 2 songle staff pianos is actually shown at the start of the score, because it is empty and its staff properties is set to "Hide: always.
This setup is ... strange, to say the least. The score stems from a MIDI import, so that all probably isn't your fault at all ;-)
Apparently the change of the instrument's name 'rememberes' that clef.

You probably want 2 male voices (and probably Bass) and a Piano, so better change to those instruments rather than just the instrument name

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