Sharing scores with people other than MuseScore

• Oct 22, 2021 - 01:38

Hi there! I have been trying to send an email incorporating approx 70 short pieces, 3 Acts of dance or whatever. I was able to download each file into the email body. I could open it, but no one else could because it was connected to my hard drive. One of the recipients suggested I send MP3's and PDF's, which I believe is the usual way it's done. Hey presto, I'm fine with MP3's, but for some reason even I can't open the file for PDF. When I look at the file name it still ends with musescore not PDF, so I don't think I have managed to put it into a PDF file. I went to Edit -preferences-export, the resolution was already set at 359DPI, so I just clicked save or whatever it was.

Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Thank you. Best wishes


To export a MuseScore to PDF,. simply use File / Export from within MuseScore and select PDF as the file type (same way you export to MP3). The settings in Preferences don't really matter - I mean, they matter, but merely changing preferences doesn't actually export anything. You still need to do the File / Export.

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